Once again working with our friends at El Living Productions, this time on a campaign for Montana paints, Montana is the major Household Paint brand in Venezuela. TBWA Caracas hires our studios to create a commercial campaing where a ugly but kind of ingenuous monster was a metaphor for fungus and bacteria and Montana BioProtecto paint prevents this to happen.

Our role was to develop, supervise and design all the VFX (visual effects), character design and to provide a graphic package with all Product shots.



Dirección creativa y de arte en VFX: Jorge Vigas.
Modelado / Texturización / Rigging: Luis Ángel Villalobos ¨Paparalla¨.
Animacion: Luis Ángel Villalobos ¨Paparalla¨, Jorge Vigas.
Compositing y Render: Jorge Vigas.

Casa Productora: El Living.
Dirección: Hans Hoj.
Direccion de Post Producción: Jose Luis Vera.

Montana BioProtecto
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